Why Choose MSNT

Why Choose MSNT?

MSNT is a unique trustee resource specializing in administering special needs trusts. MSNT has been administering special needs trusts since 1989 and has established working relationships with Medicaid programs and Social Security to ensure compliance and Beneficiary eligibility for public benefits.

The Board of Trustees recognizes MSNT may be the only affordable option for individuals and families with low to moderate income and assets. Fees are set to remain accessible for anyone who might need a special needs trust to protect important public benefits like Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.

MSNT only administers special needs trusts. They hire staff who have experience working with people with disabilities and who have extensive public benefit knowledge.

MSNT is a pooled trust organization as defined in federal statute. Individuals with a disability, parents, grandparents, guardians or the court may open a First Party Trust sub-account for the individual with a disability. A Third Party Trust sub-account can be opened by any other than the individual with a disability or their spouse.

Sub-accounts are invested per the trust agreement, whether the donor makes investment decisions or MSNT makes investment decisions per the Investment Policy. Investments range from money market to growth portfolios. MSNT posts investment performance to the website each quarter.

The Board of Trustees may amend the Master Trust to remain compliant with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Why Choose MSNT as Trustee?

Affordable fees

Caring and knowledgeable staff who stay current with public benefit programs

Timely distribution process

True Link online portal and debit card availability

Quarterly account statements

Ongoing compliance through timely amendments to the trust agreement

Assistance with Medicaid and Social Security eligibility reviews

Toll-free phone access for consultation or assistance

Not-for-profit organization supporting the Charitable Trust Program

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