MSNT administration of trust accounts is performed in partnership with Landmark Bank, the custodian of special needs trust account funds held for beneficiaries. To pay for the administrative costs for establishing trusts, processing distributions and deposits, account statements and check production, investment management, and other trustee and banking functions, administrative fees are necessary. Administrative fee types and rates are included in the trust agreement completed when the trust is established. Fees are subject to change. The chart below summarizes the current administrative fee structure for trusts administered by MSNT.

Fee Type Amount
Enrollment Fee $750 (Sliding fee based on donor income)
MSNT Annual Asset Value Fee 1.5% for the first $15,000 then .9% for all Asset Value greater than $15,000
Bank Annual Asset Value Fee .54% of the account balance
Transaction Fee $10 per transaction
MSNT Sole Trustee Fee $62.50 per month
Account Closure Fee for Low Balance $100 MSNT; $15 Bank
Account Closure Fee for other reason $300 MSNT; $35 Bank
Extraordinary Services Fee Up to $75 per hour, plus mileage/expenses
Fees are subject to change.