Distribution Requirements

All distribution requests must be signed by the Co-trustee, if one has been named. MSNT reviews all distribution requests and has the authority to approve or deny each request.

Distributions for the following types of goods and services will be considered.

  • Medical and dental care and equipment not paid for by benefits.
  • Rehabilitation training and therapy not covered by benefits.
  • Education, including tuition, books and supplies.
  • Entertainment items and events.
  • Transportation, including bus passes, gasoline, taxi fares or purchase and maintenance of an automobile.
  • Beneficiary travel expenses.
  • Hobby supplies.
  • Personal property, including household goods and furnishings.
  • Home improvements, maintenance and repairs.
  • Cable television service.
  • Telephone service and equipment.
  • Electronic equipment such as computers, television, video games, radios, stereos.
  • Clothing.
  • Non-food grocery items, such as cleaning supplies.
  • Prepaid burial plans, including a burial plot.
Beneficiaries and co-trustees are encouraged to request trust funds to purchase an irrevocable pre-paid burial plan. Trusts are “locked” at the death of the beneficiary, and no distribution for burial costs are allowed.


Procedure for Requesting a Trust Distribution

  1. Review the list of distributions that may be permitted. Becoming familiar with what is and is not allowed enables requests to be processed efficiently. If uncertain about whether or not a particular item can be approved, please call MSNT for consultation.
  2. The Request for Funds form must be completed and signed by a person who has the authority to request funds from the account. The signor must be the co-trustee, if one is designated.
  3. Attach receipts, statements or estimates for all items requested.  Estimates can be secured from most stores. For example, if the beneficiary needs clothing, review a catalog or shop online to determine the cost for the items to be purchased. Print off the information or go to the store and request an estimate. Receipts for items purchased may be submitted, but the reimbursement is subject to the same standards as a request for a distribution. There is no guarantee that reimbursement will be approved.
  4. Funds from the trust account are paid only to the co-trustee or the vendor (store or provider), or in some situations to a service provider.  Checks will not be made payable to the beneficiary if he/she receives government benefits such as SSI and Medicaid.
  5. After the request for a distribution has been approved, the check will be issued in approximately three to five days. If a request is denied, the person who signed the request form will be notified.
Some requests for distributions require special forms and documents. Please contact our office if you want funds for the following:

  • Purchase of an automobile.
  • Funds for a vacation or other travel.