Why Donate

Due to my disability and my limited mobility, I am unable to use my washing machine.

I am in need of a front loading machine so I can continue to do my own laundry at home.

The grant, helped me get a new front loading washing machine. I can remain independent and do my own laundry in my home.

Thank you MSNT for awarding me the grant.

Other ways to donate

Donate by Mail

If you are more comfortable with mailing MSNT a check, you can do so using our mailing address:

Midwest Special Needs Trust
PO Box 7269
Columbia, MO 65205

Donate Online

100% of donations received through the Giving Fund will be received by MSNT.

Giving Fund Donation Button

Grocery Shopping

Create an account and enroll in the community rewards program.

Use YS756 to link to MSNT.

Honor & Memorial Giving

Honor someone you love by giving to someone in need. Giving in honor/memory of someone is a meaningful way to celebrate the legacy of a loved one. Your heartfelt gift will help provide a brighter future to countless individuals and families with disabilities. You can feel confident knowing that every dollar you give will make a difference and honor your loved one.

Reasons to give

In Missouri, one in three adults have a disability. That is 1,469,208 adults or 14.6% of the population. Many are living below the federal poverty threshold and face expenses unique to their situation. They manage to meet their daily needs through the help of public benefits, but unforeseen events can quickly strain their financial resources, leaving them stranded without the crucial assistance they rely on.

MSNT’s Charitable Grant Program offers a lifeline to those facing hardship, providing opportunities to access funding of up to $2,000. The grants cover a spectrum of needs, ranging from urgent dental care to general support aimed at fostering independence and enhancing overall quality of life.

Recently Emma found herself in that very place. Emma, only 54 years old, already suffers with a crippling form of rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting the joints in her hands and feet. As a homeowner and single mom, she carefully budgeted her monthly disability benefit to ensure that her family’s basic needs were met.

Over time, Emma saved enough money to purchase a touchless kitchen faucet that uses technology to start and stop the flow of water without touching the faucet and replaced the circular shower knob with a lever handle allowing more ease in turning on the water and controlling the temperature.

As Emma’s medical condition intensified, the need for additional home modifications was evident. Having depleted her savings, it was impossible for Emma to cover the cost of the materials and labor necessary to improve the navigability of her home. Emma heard about Midwest Special Needs Trust Charitable Trust Program and contacted us.

With funding from the charitable program, a comfort height toilet, counter height bathroom vanity and accessible faucet were professionally installed. All very practicable upgrades, that made a huge difference and improved her quality of life.

People, just like Emma, apply for charitable grants from our organization every day. Midwest Special Needs Trust is thankful for 32 years of dedication in helping Missourians living with a disability and struggling with poverty. We have not done it alone.

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