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How You Can Help

Please mail your donation to:

Midwest Special Needs Trust
PO Box 7629
Columbia, MO  65205

Please include your name and address so we can mail you a receipt for your tax records.

Donate online:

You can also help by shopping at the retailers listed below and designating MSNT as the recipient of a portion of your qualifying purchases.

Amazon SmileAmazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to Midwest Special Needs Charitable Trust. (When setting up a ‘smile’ account select “Charitable Trust Of The Missouri Family Trust Fund”)
Schnucks CommunitySchnucks will contribute up to 3% of purchases at their local stores to Midwest Special Needs Charitable Trust every time you shop and swipe your Schnucks community card.
Kroger DillonsGerbes Create an account and Enroll for community rewards with organization number YS756.
CoMo GivesDonors can select one, two, or multiple organizations and make a donation with an easy credit card transaction at the secure website December 1-31, 2017.

How We Help

For almost 30 years the Midwest Special Needs Trust Charitable Trust program has been helping people across our state who are disabled and living below the federal poverty level. The poverty rate for Missourians age 21-64 with disabilities is a shocking 31.7%. We receive requests for assistance every day. The Charitable Trust program focuses on addressing unmet needs not covered by public benefits or other community assistance. It’s exciting to see the impact our organization has made in the lives of Missouri’s most vulnerable! Please donate today!

  • Your money helps people like Lily. Lily is nearly blind and unable to work any longer due to progressive eye disease. Tasks most of us take for granted – living alone, preparing our food, reading mail and prescription labels have become impossible for her. Lily struggles to live on a budget of only $753 a month from her Social Security disability benefits. One donation was enough to purchase a device made specifically for extreme vision loss like Lily’s. This has been life changing for her! She is now confident she is taking the correct medications and has regained some of her independence.
  • Your money helps children like Justin. Justin can unbuckle his car seat and open the door of a moving car, endangering himself and others. He is unable to understand the consequences and his parents needed help. One donation made the difference! A special needs vest allows Justin to ride safely in the car and keep him upright in the seat. This secure system lets his parents relax and drive without distraction!

    This past year MSNT received over 800 requests from Missourians with disabilities living in poverty. Please join us in addressing the needs of many people just like Lily and many children just like Justin. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be used to improve the lives of Missouri’s disabled in need. Thank you! Your gift will make a huge difference.

    MSNT’s grant award history is summarized in the chart below.  MSNT can only grow with your help!


    Charitable Trust Award History

Year # of Grants Awarded Amount Awarded
FY 2020 345 $326,950
FY 2019 503 $452,466
FY 2018 353 $290,033
FY 2017 223 $176,825
FY 2016 340 $275,349
FY 2015 196 $139,109
FY 2014 163 $117,432
FY 2013 86 $58,693
FY 2012 124 $74,303
FY 2011 199 $114,181