What documentation does MSNT accept to prove disability?
Does MSNT require proof of income for everyone that lives in the home I live in?
What documentation does MSNT accept to prove income?
What is needed on an estimate submitted to support a grant application and how does MSNT use the information on the estimate?
Does the grant expire?
How often is an applicant eligible to receive a grant?
Does the applicant have to receive Social Security disability payments to qualify for a grant?
If an applicant is 62 years or older and receives Social Security Retirement benefits, is the applicant eligible for a grant award?
How much financial assistance can an applicant request?
Can the grant applicant decide what the grant is used for after it has been approved?
Does the grant have to be repaid after it is used?
What happens if an applicant receives notice that a grant has been awarded but it is no longer needed?
What happens if an applicant does not use the entire amount of the grant award authorized by MSNT?
Can a grant be used to purchase a vehicle?