How to Apply

To apply for a grant you must submit:

  • A completed three page application.

    Charitable Grant Program Application

    Proof of household income
  • A copy of the current award letter from Social Security for SSI and/or SSDI
  • An estimate from a vendor or other documentation of the cost of the service or items requested. The estimate must include the items requested, the exact cost, and name and address of the provider. If the request is for dental care you must submit a recent treatment plan from a dental service provider.
  • If your request is for medical equipment, hearing aids, lift chairs, exercise equipment, communication devices and monitoring systems you must submit a letter of recommendation from a licensed professional stating why the item is needed.

Notice of Approval or Denial

MSNT will notify all applicants, in writing, when a decision has been made to either approve or deny the request.  MSNT will not communicate the decision by phone. For improved efficiency and to reduce administrative costs, applicants should await written notice.

If you are applying for a general grant, please refer to the box below for deadlines, when your application will be reviewed and when you will receive written notice about the status of your grant.

Completed application with all supporting documentation submitted to MSNT Will be reviewed & decided Written notice of denial or approval will be sent no later than
March 31 Early May Board Meeting May 31
June 30 Early August Board Meeting August 31
September30 Early November Board Meeting November 30
December 31 Early February Board Meeting February 28