Charitable Program

Charitable Program Overview & Eligibility

Charitable Program Purpose and Mission

Midwest Special Needs Trust (MSNT) Charitable Grant Program provides small financial assistance grants to indigent Missouri residents with proof of disability as determined by Social Security.

Types of Grants Available

Eligibility for Charitable Grants

Missouri residents who are US citizens are eligible to apply for a grant if:

  • the applicant has a disability as defined and determined by Social Security for eligibility for SSI or SSDI.
  • the applicant lives in a household with income that falls below established MSNT income guidelines.  Proof of income must be provided for all household members and may include, but is not limited to, benefit award letters for Social Security benefits, pay stubs, copies of tax return forms. Yearly gross household income must not exceed the following
Persons in Household Maximum Income
1 $12,060
2 $16,240
3 $20,420
4 $24,600
5 $28,780
6 $32,960
7 $37,140
8 $41,320


General Grants

This type of grant is available to supplement basic needs by providing disability related goods and services which are beyond the financial means of the individual. Grants are awarded by the Board of Trustees on a quarterly basis. The deadlines for these applications are: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. Completed applications must be received by 4:30 pm on or before the deadline date.

Urgent Grants

This type of grant is available only for urgent medical and health care needs which require immediate intervention. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and grant awards are made twice each month.

What needs can the applicant request assistance with?

MSNT encourages applicants to work with a case manager or community support worker to complete the application, gather required documentation, and provide background information that explains the need and how it will help the applicant achieve important goals such as community integration, part time work or meaningful activity, safety and security for performing tasks of daily living, improved health or supports that will increase independence.  Grants may be requested for assistance to obtain needed medical and dental care and equipment, rehabilitation training services or devices, personal goods and services, educational assistance, and transportation as well as other documented needs of the person with a disability.  The maximum grant award is $1500.

Grant Limitations

The following list of limitations should be reviewed before completing the application.

  • Assistance with rent, utilities, food and purchase of vehicles cannot be approved.
  • The request must be for the sole benefit of the applicant with a disability.
  • Grants cannot be approved to repay loans for for services/personal goods already provided to the applicant.
  • The applicant must submit a valid estimate from the retail store or service provider to whom payment will be made if a grant is approved.
  • Payment is made directly to the store/service provider, not to the applicant.
  • Receipts and invoices must be submitted in a timely manner to MSNT for the applicant to be eligible for future grant awards.
  • The program will not supplant support provided by other public benefits such as Medicaid or Medicare.
  • An applicant who receives a grant is ineligible to receive another grant for twelve months.

Applications for grant assistance must be submitted using the application available at the following link:

Charitable Trust Grant Program Application for Assistance