Charitable Grant Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. For any questions that this page might not answer, please contact us.

What documentation is required to prove disability?

MSNT requires a current copy of the applicant’s Social Security Benefit Verification Letter for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  If the applicant is over the age of 62, we require an award letter issued by the Social Security Administration prior to the applicant’s 62nd birthday or a Social Security letter or benefit summary stating the date the SSA determined the applicant had a qualifying disability.  If the applicant is under the age of 18 and not receiving SSI, contact MSNT to discuss acceptable documentation of disability.

What documentation does MSNT accept to prove income?

The applicant must provide a current copy of the Social Security Benefit Verification Letter from the Social Security Administration for SSI and/or SSDI stating the monthly income.  If the individual with a disability is working or has worked in the last 12 months, MSNT will accept copies of paystubs (such as, but not limited to unemployment benefits, private pension, or other social welfare benefits) stating specific income or benefits paid to the person with a disability.

What is needed for an estimate or treatment plan? How does MSNT use the information?

The itemized estimate or treatment plan must be on the official business letterhead with the name and address of the business or service provider.  It needs to state the items or services the applicant is requesting and the estimated cost.  When obtaining the estimate, the applicant should request that the business includes any taxes, installation, accessories (such as batteries), or delivery fees.  If a grant award is approved, the grant award amount is based on the information provided on the estimate.  MSNT may award a portion of the request and will use the information in the estimate to determine the partial award.

Does the grant expire?

Grants expire 6 months after approval.  The expiration date is included in the award letter.

How often is an applicant eligible to receive a grant?

Applicants can reapply 12 months after payment was made on the previous grant.

If an applicant is 62 years or older and receives Social Security Retirement benefits, is the applicant eligible for a grant award?

MSNT has adopted the disability definition defined by Social Security law and policy.  To be eligible for a grant from MSNT’s Charitable program, the applicant must submit documentation that Social Security officials have made the disability determination that occurred before the age of 62.  Receiving Social Security retirement benefits alone or disabling conditions that occur after the age of 62 do not meet MSNT requirements for disability.

What is the maximum grant amount?

The maximum grant award amount is $2,000.  The amount of the grant is based on the estimate submitted with the application.  MSNT may award less than the amount requested on the application.


When is payment made to the provider?

Award amounts are made payable to the retail outlet, service provider, or health provider that prepared the estimate AFTER the goods or services have been provided to the grant recipient.

Can the grant applicant decide what the grant is used for after it has been approved?

MSNT award letters will specify the item(s) or service(s) specifically approved.  MSNT employees are not authorized to make changes after Board approval.  For example, if an applicant has requested assistance for hearing aids, MSNT will authorize payment only to the hearing aid vendor, not to a dentist for dental work.  Grant award decisions rely on the information contained in the estimate submitted with the grant application.

Does the grant have to be repaid after it is used?

No.  MSNT does not require the grant to be repaid.

What happens if an applicant receives notice that a grant has been awarded, but it is no longer needed?

MSNT understands that circumstances change.  If an applicant has found other resources or is no longer in need of the requested item/service, contact MSNT so the funds can be used for other Missourians with a disability.

What happens if an applicant does not use the entire amount of the grant award?

MSNT will authorize a payment for the actual cost of specific items/services provided based on an invoice submitted by the provider.  Unused portions of the grant are forfeited. 

Can a grant award pay for previously purchased items or services already rendered?

MSNT does not permit the grant award to pay for past items/services.

Can a grant be used to purchase or repair a vehicle?

MSNT will NOT authorize a grant to purchase or repair a vehicle.

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