NEW Online Charitable Grant Application

MSNT is happy to introduce a new online Charitable Grant application process. Read more and watch an instructional video after the link.

Getting Started

Special needs trusts provide a tool for families planning for a loved one with a disability. A special needs trust is designed for beneficiaries with disabilities to protect important public benefits such as; but not limited to, Medicaid and SSI.

Opening and Funding a Trust Sub-Account

It is important that you have the opportunity to ask questions about the terms of the MSNT trust agreement and that you give careful consideration to designation of co-trustees and remainder beneficiaries and establish investment directives for the trust account.

Using a Trust Sub-Account

Once a trust account has been opened, the co-trustee will work with MSNT to identify needs of the beneficiary and make distribution requests for the sole benefit of the beneficiary with a disability.

Support Our Charitable Program

For over 34 years the Midwest Special Needs Trust Charitable Trust program has been helping people across our state who are disabled and living below the federal poverty level.

Who is Midwest Special Needs Trust?

Midwest Special Needs Trust was established as a result of advocacy by parents and professionals who realized that many obstacles hinder planning for the financial future of individuals with disabilities. The organization was created by statute (RSMo 402.199 – 402.208) in 1989 for the primary purpose of administering special needs trusts for persons with disabilities to protect important public benefits such as Medicaid and SSI.  As authorized and specified by statute, the Missouri Family Trust was incorporated as a non-profit and received IRS 501(c)(3) charitable designation.

Meet our Team

The staff at MSNT strives each day to serve our beneficiaries with care and compassion. Our backgrounds may be varied but our purpose is a common one. Would you like to know more about our staff?

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